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Group :: Editors
RPM: gedit-plugins

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%define ver_major 2.26

%def_enable python

Name: gedit-plugins
Version: %ver_major.1
Release: alt1

Summary: Plugins for GEdit
License: GPL
Group: Editors
Packager: GNOME Maintainers Team <gnome at>

Source: %gnome_ftp/%name/%ver_major/%name-%version.tar.bz2

# From

%define glib_ver 2.16.0
%define gtk_ver 2.13.0
%define gtksourceview_ver 2.5.1
%define gedit_ver 2.25.4

BuildPreReq: rpm-build-gnome >= 0.6

# From

BuildPreReq: intltool >= 0.35.0
BuildPreReq: libGConf-devel
BuildPreReq: gnome-doc-utils >= 0.3.2
BuildPreReq: glib2-devel >= %glib_ver
BuildPreReq: libgtk+2-devel >= %gtk_ver
BuildPreReq: libgtksourceview-devel >= %gtksourceview_ver
BuildPreReq: gedit-devel >= %gedit_ver
# For Charmap plugin
BuildPreReq: libgucharmap-devel >= 2.23.0
# For Terminal plugin
BuildPreReq: %py_dependencies vte

%if_enabled python
BuildPreReq: python-module-pygobject-devel >= 2.11.5
BuildPreReq: python-module-pygtk-devel >= 2.9.7
BuildPreReq: python-module-pygnome-desktop-devel >= 2.15.90
BuildPreReq: python-module-pygtksourceview-devel >= 1.90.4
BuildPreReq: python-module-vte-devel >= 0.19.4

BuildRequires: libSM-devel

gEdit is a small but powerful text editor designed expressly for GNOME.

It includes such features as split-screen mode, a plugin API, which
allows gEdit to be extended to support many features while remaining
small at its core, multiple document editing through the use of a
'tabbed' notebook and many more functions.

This package contains various plugins for gEdit, including Charmap, Terminal, and others.

%setup -q
rm -f m4/libtool.m4 m4/lt*.m4

%configure \
   --disable-static \
   --disable-scrollkeeper \
   --disable-schemas-install \


%make_install install DESTDIR=%buildroot

%find_lang --with-gnome --output=files_list %name

# All the dancing below is about potential splitting of plugins into

# subpackages.
%define fill_plugin_fileset() \
for f in %{1}.{gedit-plugin,py,pyc,pyo,glade} lib%{1}.so; do \
   [ -r "%buildroot%gedit_pluginsdir/$f" ] && echo "%gedit_pluginsdir/$f"; \
done >>files_list_%{1}; \
if [ -d "%buildroot%gedit_pluginsdir/%{1}" ]; then \
   echo "%%dir %gedit_pluginsdir/%{1}" \
   for e in py pyc pyo glade; do \
       [ -r "%buildroot%gedit_pluginsdir/%{1}" ] && \
           echo "%gedit_pluginsdir/%{1}/*.$e" \
   done \
fi >>files_list_%{1}

%define plugins bookmarks drawspaces bracketcompletion charmap codecomment colorpicker drawspaces gpdefs joinlines showtabbar smartspaces terminal

for p in %plugins; do
   %fill_plugin_fileset $p
   cat files_list_$p >>files_list

%gconf2_install gedit-show-tabbar-plugin

if [ $1 = 0 ]; then
%gconf2_uninstall gedit-show-tabbar-plugin

%files -f files_list
%dir %_datadir/gedit-2/plugins

%exclude %gedit_pluginsdir/*.la


Full changelog you can see here

design & coding: Vladimir Lettiev aka crux © 2004-2005, Andrew Avramenko aka liks © 2007-2008
current maintainer: Michael Shigorin