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Group :: Networking/Mail
RPM: pine

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The "pine-addrbk-tools" package 
was composed of the tools being present in the
PINE original source from University of Washington and other non-UW
tools. They deal with PINE addressbook files. (Sometimes these tools
are also called "account conversion tools".)

If you know of other similar tools that you'd like to be included in
the package, please contact the packager. (The contact information can
be found out by running rpm -q pine-utils --info on a system where the
package is installed.) Alternatively, you can submit the information
you have directly to UW PINE team at
(there is a special section for non-UW products; again, the same URL
could be found out by querying the RPM database on your system:
rpm -q pine --info).

IPLabs Linux Team

This package includes following tools:

Ready to use (are placed into the bin-dir):


A flter to convert personal mail (Berkeley) aliases in a .mailrc
file into pine address book format. It is included in the original
pine source tree from UW.


From: Klaus Wacker <wacker@Physik.Uni-Dortmund.DE>

I wrote my own perl script, which I claim digests everything
elm accepts and converts it into something pine accepts.
Please tell me if you find otherwise. I intend to use this
script regularly to keep system-wide aliases and addressbooks
in synch. The source is available from


The script was taken from Pine FAQ page (University of Washington).

11.8 How do I convert my Pine addressbook file to Mutt alias format?

The resulting data (the mail aliases) will be saved in file "$HOME/.mutt.aliases";
to make mutt read them in on startup you must add this line to mutt's setup file:

source $HOME/.mutt.aliases

Q&A from Sven Guckes

In fact, there is another similar tool for migrating from PINE to
Mutt with a similar name: pine2mutt. Probably, it is more advanced.
You can find it in a separate Mandrake's package called pine2mutt.


ldif is the format used by Netscape for storing its address books.
There is an original author's doc-file included in the package. It is
identified as "freeware", it was taken at

Another free program by Ahmed El-Mahmoudy <> that performs
similar tasks can be found at;
it looks less flexible in use than the included one (let alone the fact that
it has some varying information compiled in), if you find otherwise,
if it appears to be of some use to you, let the packager know.

Needs configuring:

translate passwd to pine addressbook

In order to configure, modify /etc/pwd2pine (the "configurable stuff"

Taken from UW Pine source distribution (contrib).

Author: Paul J Murphy <>

Related tools (not included in the package):

an extract from FAQs:

11.7 How do I convert from Pine Address Book to/from the equivalents in
Eudora, Netscape, Pegasus, ... ?

Here are two solutions to this, both created by others:
* Joseph Davidson has created a WWW site to perform conversion
between the address book of Pine and a number of other address
book/data file formats at:
* Johannes Becker ( has a
web-based addressbook converter available for general use at: He says
that it "just converts between Netscape, Pegasus and Pine, but
it's for free."

_Please note that we have not tested either of these ourselves._
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current maintainer: Michael Shigorin