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mate-file-manager-actions Caja extension for customizing the context menu 10
lutris Manager for game installation and execution 9
deepin-kwin KWin configuration for Deepin Desktop Environment 8
mixxx Free digital DJ software 8
deepin-control-center New control center for Linux Deepin 6
SDL_image Image loading library for SDL 4
SDL_sound An abstract soundfile decoder 4
deepin Set of Deepin Desktop installers 4
mlnx-tools Mellanox userland tools and scripts 4
mate-file-manager-actions-gost Simple scripts for encrypt and digest files with openssl and caja 3
clips Clips language for expert systems 2
deepin-file-manager Deepin File Manager 2
lasso Liberty Alliance Single Sign On 2
libgnomecups GNOME CUPS Library 2
libgnomeprintui GUI support for libgnomeprint 2
icon-theme-deepin Icons for the Deepin Desktop Environment 1
mate-file-manager-actions-ark Simple scripts for pack and unpack files with ark and caja 1
pgadmin3 Powerful administration and development platform for PostgreSQL. 1
supertuxkart-data SuperTuxKart is a kart racing game 1
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