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LibreOffice LibreOffice Productivity Suite 20
cups Common Unix Printing System - server package 20
zsh A shell with lots of features 6
dovecot Dovecot secure IMAP/POP3 server 4
geany A fast and lightweight IDE using GTK2 4
mupdf A lightweight PDF viewer and toolkit 4
xterm A standard terminal emulator for the X Window System 4
ghostscript PostScript interpreter and renderer, most printer drivers 3
einstein Open source remake of old DOS game Sherlock which was inspired by Albert Einstein's puzzle. 2
fpc-units-ptcpas A free, portable framebuffer library, written in Free Pascal 2
geany-plugins Plugins for Geany 2
instead-launcher Game update/launch program for INSTEAD, simple text adventures interpreter 2
leocad Visual brick construction tool for kids 2
libjemalloc A general-purpose scalable concurrent malloc(3) implementation 2
lrzip Long Range ZIP or Lzma RZIP 2
meritous Action-adventure dungeon crawl game 2
nethack Character Based RPG 2
numptyphysics A crayon-drawing based physics puzzle game 2
ogre Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine 2
python-module-xmlsec Python bindings for the XML Security Library 2
snoopy User monitoring and command logging 2
upx The Ultimate Packer for eXecutables 2
xneurchecker LibXNeur commandline tool 2
xsel Command line clipboard and X selection tool 2
gforth GNU implementation of the ANS Forth language 1
python-module-exe eLearning XHTML editor 1
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