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15 novembro 2010 Aleksey Avdeev <solo at> 2.7-alt3

  • Fix: Remove in the Provides %_sysconfdir/php/control.d/php.control
     and added %_datadir/php/control/php.control

14 novembro 2010 Aleksey Avdeev <solo at> 2.7-alt2

  • %_sysconfdir/php/control.d/php.control added to the Provides

4 novembro 2010 Aleksey Avdeev <solo at> 2.7-alt1

  • phpfunctions: Added new functions:
     + php_read_dir_rulefiles(): directory traversal
       /ets/php/{,$PHP_SAPI/}{,$PHP_MAJOR/}control.d in order of priority
       and load rulefiles
     + php_autocontrol(): function calls php_read_dir_rulefiles()
       and php_control
  • phpfunctions: Added global variables:
     + PHP_ETCDIR="/etc/php"
     + php_timezone=$(php_get_timezone)
  • Add a template for creating control facilitie
     (see %_datadir/php/control/php.control)
  • Add control file for the states: alt_default, public, relaxed,
     restricted, dev_relaxed, dev_restricted, production_relaxed
     and production_restricted

26 outubro 2010 Sergey Kurakin <kurakin at> 2.6-alt2

  • fixed issue with php_get_timezone feature and missing tzdata
     (closes: #24266)
  • php-packaging.readme updated and moved here from php5 package
     as php-packaging.alt

23 setembro 2010 Sergey Kurakin <kurakin at> 2.6-alt1

  • phpfunctions: corrected to support significant changes
     in the new AltLinux php 5.3.x builds, keeping backward
     compatibility with recent php 5.x and 4.x builds too
  • phpfunctions: new feature to get system timezone
     in "Area/City" format, useful in php-control engine
  • phpfunctions: new feature to make detailed modes descriptions
     beside of parameters list
  • phpini_migrate script corrected (obsoleted by new AltLinux
     php 5.3.x builds, but kept for backward compatibility reasons)

13 fevereiro 2010 Sergey Kurakin <kurakin at> 2.5-alt1

  • service restart mechanism moved to filetriggers in respective
     sapi packages

27 janeiro 2010 Sergey Kurakin <kurakin at> 2.4-alt3

  • extra check to assure the sapi config directory exists

23 janeiro 2010 Sergey Kurakin <kurakin at> 2.4-alt2

  • bugfixes in and scripts (#22718)

10 outubro 2008 Alexey Gladkov <legion at> 2.4-alt1

  • Create .phpnew only if config file changed.
  • Change license.
  • Fix Requires.

7 outubro 2008 Alexey Gladkov <legion at> 2.3-alt2

  • Fix BuildArch.

29 junho 2008 Alexey Gladkov <legion at> 2.3-alt1

  • Add php_fatal() function.
  • Use phpinfo utility to parse php.ini and add backward
     compatibility with php-4.x.

11 novembro 2006 Alexey Gladkov <legion at> 2.2-alt1

  • Add new utility: phpini-migrate.
  • phpfunctions: Change regexp to parse php.ini.

26 janeiro 2006 Alexey Gladkov <legion at> 2.1-alt1

  • and updated.
  • phpfunctions - common functions for a php control.
  • scripts runs with -e -u -f shell options.

1 agosto 2005 Alexey Gladkov <legion at> 2.0-alt1

  • directory %_datadir/php/modules added;

8 abril 2004 Alexey Gladkov <legion at> 1.0-alt1

  • ALT Linux Sisyphus first build.
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