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Group :: Sistema/Bibliotecas
RPM: libmozjs78

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%def_disable snapshot
%define ver_major 78

%def_disable optimize
%def_with system_icu

## fc

# Big endian platforms
%ifarch ppc ppc64 s390 s390x
%def_enable big_endian

%if "%(rpmvercmp '%{get_version libicu-devel}' '6.7.1')" < "0"
%def_without system_icu

Name: libmozjs%ver_major
Version: %ver_major.0.1
Release: alt3

Summary: JavaScript interpreter and libraries
Group: System/Libraries
License: MPL-2.0 and GPL-2.0-or-later LGPL-2.1-or-later and BSD

%if_disabled snapshot
Source: %name-%version.tar
# fix errors like:
# dependency (nix) specification is ambiguous. Only one of branch, tag or rev is allowed.
Patch: mozjs78-rust.patch
# fc armv7 fix
Patch17: mozjs78-armv7_disable_WASM_EMULATE_ARM_UNALIGNED_FP_ACCESS.patch
# 0ad links with SharedArrayRawBufferRefs
Patch20: mozjs78-0ad-FixSharedArray.patch

BuildRequires(pre): rpm-build-python3
BuildRequires: /dev/shm /proc
BuildRequires: python3-devel python3-module-setuptools python3-module-six
BuildRequires: gcc-c++ nasm yasm
BuildRequires: libreadline-devel zip unzip
BuildRequires: libffi-devel libffi-devel-static
BuildRequires: rust-cargo clang-devel llvm-devel
BuildRequires: zlib-devel
%{?_with_system_icu:BuildRequires: libicu-devel}

JavaScript is the Netscape-developed object scripting language used in millions
of web pages and server applications worldwide. Netscape's JavaScript is a
super set of the ECMA-262 Edition 3 (ECMAScript) standard scripting language,
with only mild differences from the published standard.

%package devel
Summary: Header files, libraries and development documentation for %name
Group: Development/C++
Requires: %name = %version-%release

%description devel
This package contains the header files, static libraries and development
documentation for %name. If you like to develop programs using %name,
you will need to install %name-devel.

%package devel-static
Summary: SpiderMonkey static libraries
Group: Development/C++
Requires: %name-devel = %version-%release

%description devel-static
SpiderMonkey development kit (static libs)

%package tools
Summary: Tools for the SpiderMonkey
Group: Development/Other

%description tools
SpiderMonkey is the code-name for the Mozilla's C implementation of JavaScript.

This package provides standalone SpiderMonkey shell, a command line
interface to the JavaScript engine.

#%%setup -n firefox-%{version}esr
%setup -n mozjs-%{version}gnome
%patch -b .rust
%ifarch armh
# Disable WASM_EMULATE_ARM_UNALIGNED_FP_ACCESS as it causes the compilation to fail
%patch17 -p1

%patch20 -p1 -b .0ad

mkdir _build

# prepare (fix) virtualenv directory structure

mkdir -p _build/_virtualenvs/init_py3/lib/python{%__python3_version,3/site-packages}
ln -s ../python3/site-packages _build/_virtualenvs/init_py3/lib/python%__python3_version/site-packages

export srcdir="$PWD"
cd _build

%add_optflags %optflags_shared %(getconf LFS_CFLAGS)

# error: compiler is incompatible with sanitize options, so

export CC=gcc
export CXX=g++

export AUTOCONF=%_bindir/autoconf
export CFLAGS="%optflags"
export SHELL=/bin/sh
export PYTHON=%__python3

../js/src/configure \
--prefix=%_prefix \
--libdir=%_libdir \
--disable-strip \
--disable-jemalloc \
--enable-readline \
--enable-shared-js \
--disable-tests \
%{subst_enable optimize} \
--with-system-zlib \
%{?_with_system_icu:--with-system-icu} \
--with-intl-api \

%if_enabled big_endian
echo "Generate big endian version of config/external/icu/data/icud67l.dat"
pushd ../..
icupkg -tb config/external/icu/data/icudt67l.dat config/external/icu/data/icudt67b.dat
rm -f config/external/icu/data/icudt*l.dat


cd _build

chmod a-x %buildroot/%_pkgconfigdir/*.pc
[ ! -f %buildroot/%_pkgconfigdir/js.pc ] ||
mv -f -- \
%buildroot/%_pkgconfigdir/js.pc \

(set -x
for f in %buildroot/%_libdir/*.ajs; do
mv -vf -- "$f" "${f%%js}"
# Install files, not symlinks to build directory
(set +x
find -P "%buildroot/%_includedir" -type l -printf '%%p\n' |
while read link; do
t="$(readlink -ev "$link")"
rm -f -- "$link"
cp -f -- "$t" "$link"
cp -p js/src/js-config.h %buildroot/%_includedir/mozjs-%ver_major


%files devel

%files tools

%files devel-static


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