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Group :: Jogos/Arcade
RPM: hexen2

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%ifnarch %ix86
%define _without_asm 1

%define mk_build %make_build LDFLAGS="-lm -ldl"

%define desktop_vendor uhexen2
%define gamecode_ver 1.19a
%define gamedir %_libdir/%name

Name: hexen2
License: GPL
Group: Games/Arcade
Version: 1.4.3
Release: alt3
Summary: Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion
Patch: hexen-MAX_OSPATH.patch

%{!?_without_asm:BuildRequires:  nasm >= 0.98}

# Automatically added by buildreq on Sun Jun 06 2010

BuildRequires: libGL-devel libSDL_mixer-devel libalsa-devel libgtk+2-devel zlib-devel

Hexen II is a class based shooter game by Raven Software from 1997.
Hammer of Thyrion is a port of the GPL'ed source code released by
Raven. This package contains binaries that will run both the original
game and the Portal of Praevus mission pack, a dedicated server and a
launcher application which provides a GTK gui for launching different
versions of the game.

%package -n hexenworld
Group: Games/Arcade
Summary: HexenWorld Client and Server
Requires: hexen2 >= 1.4.3

%description -n hexenworld
Hexen II is a class based shooter game by Raven Software from 1997.
Hammer of Thyrion is a port of the GPL'ed source code released by
Raven. HexenWorld is an extension of Hexen II with enhancements for
internet play. This package contains the files which are required to
run a HexenWorld server or client, and a master server application.

%setup -q -n hexen2source-%version -a1 -a2
%if %{?_without_asm:1}0
sed -i 's/USE_X86_ASM=yes/USE_X86_ASM=no/' hexen2/Makefile hexenworld/Client/Makefile
#if %{?_without_alsa:1}0
#ed -i 's/USE_ALSA=yes/USE_ALSA=no/' hexen2/Makefile hexenworld/Client/Makefile
#if %{?_without_midi:1}0
#ed -i 's/USE_MIDI=yes/USE_MIDI=no/' hexen2/Makefile hexenworld/Client/Makefile

%patch -p1


# Build the main game binaries

%mk_build -C hexen2 h2
%make -s -C hexen2 clean
%mk_build -C hexen2 glh2
%make -s -C hexen2 clean
# Build the dedicated server
%make_build -C hexen2 -f
# HexenWorld binaries
%make_build -C hexenworld/Server
%mk_build -C hexenworld/Client hw
%make -s -C hexenworld/Client clean
%mk_build -C hexenworld/Client glhw
# HexenWorld master server
%make_build -C hexenworld/Master

# Build xdelta binary and its libraries: do this before

# building the launcher, it uses its object files.
%make_build -C xdelta11 -f Makefile.xd

# Launcher binaries

%make_build -C launcher
# Build the hcode compilers
%make_build -C utils/hcc_old
%make_build -C utils/hcc
# Build the game-code
utils/hcc_old/hcc -src gamecode-%gamecode_ver/hc/h2
utils/hcc_old/hcc -src gamecode-%gamecode_ver/hc/h2 -name progs2.src
utils/bin/hcc -src gamecode-%gamecode_ver/hc/portals -oi -on
utils/bin/hcc -src gamecode-%gamecode_ver/hc/hw -oi -on
#utils/bin/hcc -src gamecode-%gamecode_ver/hc/siege -oi -on

# Install menu entry

cat > %name.desktop << EOF
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Hexen 2
Comment=Hexen II
# Done building

install -D -m755 hexen2/h2ded %buildroot/%gamedir/h2ded
install -D -m755 hexen2/glhexen2 %buildroot/%gamedir/glhexen2
install -D -m755 hexen2/hexen2 %buildroot/%gamedir/hexen2
install -D -m755 hexenworld/Client/hwcl %buildroot/%gamedir/hwcl
install -D -m755 hexenworld/Client/glhwcl %buildroot/%gamedir/glhwcl
install -D -m755 hexenworld/Server/hwsv %buildroot/%gamedir/hwsv
install -D -m755 hexenworld/Master/hwmaster %buildroot/%gamedir/hwmaster
install -D -m755 launcher/h2launcher %buildroot/%gamedir/h2launcher
# Make a symlink of the game-launcher
mkdir -p %buildroot/%_bindir
ln -s %gamedir/h2launcher %buildroot/%_bindir/hexen2

# Install the gamedata

mkdir -p %buildroot/%gamedir/data1/
install -D -m644 gamecode-%gamecode_ver/hc/h2/progs.dat %buildroot/%gamedir/data1/progs.dat
install -D -m644 gamecode-%gamecode_ver/hc/h2/progs2.dat %buildroot/%gamedir/data1/progs2.dat
install -D -m644 gamecode-%gamecode_ver/txt/h2/hexen.rc %buildroot/%gamedir/data1/hexen.rc
install -D -m644 gamecode-%gamecode_ver/txt/h2/strings.txt %buildroot/%gamedir/data1/strings.txt
install -D -m644 gamecode-%gamecode_ver/txt/h2/default.cfg %buildroot/%gamedir/data1/default.cfg
mkdir -p %buildroot/%gamedir/portals/
install -D -m644 gamecode-%gamecode_ver/hc/portals/progs.dat %buildroot/%gamedir/portals/progs.dat
install -D -m644 gamecode-%gamecode_ver/txt/portals/hexen.rc %buildroot/%gamedir/portals/hexen.rc
install -D -m644 gamecode-%gamecode_ver/txt/portals/strings.txt %buildroot/%gamedir/portals/strings.txt
install -D -m644 gamecode-%gamecode_ver/txt/portals/infolist.txt %buildroot/%gamedir/portals/infolist.txt
install -D -m644 gamecode-%gamecode_ver/txt/portals/maplist.txt %buildroot/%gamedir/portals/maplist.txt
install -D -m644 gamecode-%gamecode_ver/txt/portals/puzzles.txt %buildroot/%gamedir/portals/puzzles.txt
install -D -m644 gamecode-%gamecode_ver/txt/portals/default.cfg %buildroot/%gamedir/portals/default.cfg
mkdir -p %buildroot/%gamedir/hw/
install -D -m644 gamecode-%gamecode_ver/hc/hw/hwprogs.dat %buildroot/%gamedir/hw/hwprogs.dat
install -D -m644 gamecode-%gamecode_ver/txt/hw/strings.txt %buildroot/%gamedir/hw/strings.txt
install -D -m644 gamecode-%gamecode_ver/txt/hw/default.cfg %buildroot/%gamedir/hw/default.cfg
install -D -m644 hw/pak4.pak %buildroot/%gamedir/hw/pak4.pak

# Install the xdelta updates

mkdir -p %buildroot/%gamedir/patchdata/
mkdir -p %buildroot/%gamedir/patchdata/data1
install -D -m755 gamecode-%gamecode_ver/pak_v111/ %buildroot/%gamedir/
install -D -m644 gamecode-%gamecode_ver/pak_v111/patchdata/data1/data1pak0.xd %buildroot/%gamedir/patchdata/data1/data1pak0.xd
install -D -m644 gamecode-%gamecode_ver/pak_v111/patchdata/data1/data1pak1.xd %buildroot/%gamedir/patchdata/data1/data1pak1.xd

# Install the update-patcher binaries

install -D -m755 xdelta11/xdelta %buildroot/%gamedir/xdelta114

# Install the menu icon

mkdir -p %buildroot/%_datadir/pixmaps
install -D -m644 hexen2/icons/h2_32x32x4.png %buildroot/%_datadir/pixmaps/%name.png

install -D -m 0644 %name.desktop  %buildroot%_desktopdir/%name.desktop

%doc docs/*
#exclude %_defaultdocdir/%name-%version/README.hw*

%files -n hexenworld
%doc docs/README.hw*


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projeto & código: Vladimir Lettiev aka crux © 2004-2005, Andrew Avramenko aka liks © 2007-2008
mantenedor atual: Michael Shigorin
mantenedor da tradução: Fernando Martini aka fmartini © 2009