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Group :: Rede/E-Mail
RPM: claws-mail

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%define _oldname sylpheed-claws
%def_disable debug

%def_disable appdata
%def_enable svg
%ifnarch %e2k
%def_enable networkmanager
%def_disable networkmanager

%def_enable manual

# pligins

%def_enable archive
%def_disable bsfilter
%ifnarch %e2k
%def_disable dillo
%def_enable fancy
%def_enable dillo
%def_disable fancy
%def_enable gdata
%def_enable litehtmlviewer
%ifnarch %e2k
# It is python2, so disable it.
%def_disable python
%def_disable python
%def_enable tnef

%define _unpackaged_files_terminate_build 1

Name:   claws-mail
Version: 3.18.0
Release: alt1

Summary: Claws Mail is a GTK+ based, user-friendly, lightweight, and fast email client.
License: GPLv3+
Group: Networking/Mail

Vcs: git://

Source: %name-%version.tar
Patch: %name-%version-%release.patch

Obsoletes: %_oldname < %version
Provides: %_oldname

BuildPreReq: autoconf-common gettext-tools

BuildRequires: flex libSM-devel libcompface-devel libdbus-glib-devel libenchant2-devel libgnutls-devel libgpgme-devel libldap-devel libstartup-notification-devel libgcrypt-devel zlib-devel
# For SNI support
BuildRequires: libetpan-devel >= 1.9.1-alt3
BuildRequires: libnettle-devel
BuildRequires: libgtk+2-devel
BuildRequires: rpm-build-python3
%{?_enable_svg:BuildRequires: librsvg-devel}
%{?_enable_networkmanager:BuildRequires: libnm-devel}
%{?_enable_manual:BuildRequires: docbook-utils lynx}

# For plugin-archive:

%if_enabled archive
BuildRequires: libarchive-devel

# For plugin-fancy, plugin-libravatar, plugin-litehtmlviewer, plugin-rssyl, plugin-spamreport, plugin-vcalendar

BuildRequires: libcurl-devel

# For plugin-fancy

%if_enabled fancy
BuildRequires: libwebkitgtk2-devel
BuildRequires: libsoup-gnome-devel

# For plugin-gdata

%if_enabled gdata
BuildRequires: libgdata-devel >= 0.17.1

# For plugin-litehtmlviewer

%if_enabled litehtmlviewer
BuildRequires: gcc-c++
BuildRequires: libcairo-devel
BuildRequires: fontconfig-devel
BuildRequires: libgumbo-devel

# For plugin-rssyl

BuildRequires: libexpat-devel

# For plugin-pdfviewer

BuildRequires: libpoppler-glib-devel

# For plugin-perl

BuildRequires: perl-devel sed

# For pligin-python

%{?_enable_python:BuildRequires: python-devel python-module-pygtk-devel}

# For plugin-notification

%def_disable indicator
%def_enable hotkeys
BuildRequires: libnotify-devel
BuildRequires: libcanberra-gtk2-devel
%{?_enable_indicator:BuildRequires: libindicate-devel >=  0.3.0}
%{?_enable_hotkeys:BuildRequires: libgio-devel >= 2.15.6}

# For plugin-tnef

%if_enabled tnef
BuildRequires: libytnef-devel

# For vcalendar

BuildRequires: libical-devel

# For tools

BuildPreReq: perl-MIME-tools
BuildPreReq: perl-Text-Iconv
BuildPreReq: perl-XML-SimpleObject
BuildPreReq: perl-URI
BuildPreReq: perl-libwww
BuildPreReq: perl-Text-CSV_XS
BuildPreReq: perl-File-Which

Claws Mail is an email client (and news reader), based on GTK+,

   Quick response
   Graceful, and sophisticated interface
   Easy configuration, intuitive operation
   Abundant features

The appearance and interface are designed to be familiar to new users
coming from other popular email clients, as well as experienced users.
Almost all commands are accessible with the keyboard.

The messages are managed in the standard MH format, which features fast
access and data security. You'll be able to import your emails from
almost any other email client, and export them just as easily.

Lots of extra functionality, like an RSS aggregator, calendar, or laptop
LED handling, are provided by extra plugins.

Claws Mail is distributed under the GPL.

%package        devel
Summary:        Development environment for %name
Group:          Development/C
Requires: %name = %version-%release
Obsoletes: %_oldname-devel < %version
Provides: %_oldname-devel

%description devel
This package contains the header files and libraries for building
program which use %name.

%package plugins
Summary: Install all plugins for %name
Group: Networking/Mail
BuildArch: noarch
Requires: %name = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-acpinotifier = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-addresskeeper = %version-%release
%if_enabled archive
Requires: %name-plugin-archive = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-attachwarner = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-attremover = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-bogofilter = %version-%release
%if_enabled bsfilter
Requires: %name-plugin-bsfilter = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-clamd = %version-%release
%if_enabled dillo
Requires: %name-plugin-dillo = %version-%release
%if_enabled fancy
Requires: %name-plugin-fancy = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-fetchinfo = %version-%release
%if_enabled gdata
Requires: %name-plugin-gdata = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-libravatar = %version-%release
%if_enabled litehtmlviewer
Requires: %name-plugin-litehtmlviewer = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-mailmbox = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-managesieve = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-newmail = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-notification = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-pdfviewer = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-perl = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-pgpcore = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-pgpinline = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-pgpmime = %version-%release
%if_enabled python
Requires: %name-plugin-python = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-rssyl = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-smime = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-spamassassin = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-spamreport = %version-%release
%if_enabled tnef
Requires: %name-plugin-tnef = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-vcalendar = %version-%release

%description plugins
This virtual package installs all plugins for %name.

%package plugin-acpinotifier
Summary: Mail notification via LEDs on some laptops (Acer, ASUS, Fujitsu, IBM).
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release

%description plugin-acpinotifier
The AcpiNotifier plugin handles the email LED found on some laptops.
It makes it possible to see whether you have new emails from the other
side of the room, without even unlocking the screen. The plugin handles
the following types of laptops:

* IBM,
* Fujitsu,
and others.

%package plugin-addresskeeper
Summary: Keeps all recipient addresses in an addressbook folder
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release

%description plugin-addresskeeper
This plugin allows saving outgoing addresses to a designated folder
in the address book. Addresses are saved only if not found in the
address book to avoid unwanted duplicates.
Selecting which headers are scanned for keeping addresses is also
supported (Any or several of 'To', 'Cc' or 'Bcc').

%package plugin-archive
Summary: Mail archiving functionality for Claws Mail
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release

%description plugin-archive
This plugin adds archiving features to Claws Mail.

%package plugin-attachwarner
Summary: Warn when the user is likely to have forgotten to attach a file.
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release

%description plugin-attachwarner
The AttachWarner verifies that you have attached something to your email
if you mentioned attachment in the email's body.

%package plugin-attremover
Summary: This plugin lets you remove attachments from emails
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release

%description plugin-attremover
This plugin lets you remove attachments from emails.

%package plugin-bogofilter
Summary: Bogofilter plugin for %name
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release
Requires: bogofilter bogofilter-utils
Obsoletes: %_oldname-plugin-bogofilter < %version
Provides: %_oldname-plugin-bogofilter

%description plugin-bogofilter
This plugin for %name provides integration with Bogofilter spam checking

%package plugin-bsfilter
Summary: Check messages for spam using Bsfilter
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release
Requires: bsfilter

%description plugin-bsfilter
Check all messages that are received from an IMAP, LOCAL or POP account
for spam using Bsfilter.

%package plugin-clamd
Summary: This plugin scans messages using clamd (Clam AV)
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release
Requires: clamav

%description plugin-clamd
This plugin scans all messages that are received from an IMAP, LOCAL or
POP account using clamd (Clam AV).

%package       plugin-dillo
Summary:       Dillo browser plugin for %name
Group:         Networking/Mail
Requires:      %name = %version
Requires:      dillo >= 0.7.2
Obsoletes:     %_oldname-plugin-dillo < %version
Provides:      %_oldname-plugin-dillo

%description   plugin-dillo
This plugin uses the Dillo ( browser to
view text/html MIME parts inside Claws Mail.
See README file for more information.

This plugin only provides very basic HTML
support; if you want something more, consider installing
%name-plugin-fancy package.

%package plugin-fancy
Summary: Renders HTML e-mail using the WebKit library
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release

%description plugin-fancy
The Fancy plugin renders html email using the GTK+ port of WebKit

%package plugin-fetchinfo
Summary: This plugin inserts headers containing some download information
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release

%description plugin-fetchinfo
This plugin inserts headers containing some download information: UIDL,
Claws' account name, POP server, user ID and retrieval time.

%package plugin-gdata
Summary: Access to GData (Google services) for Claws Mail
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release

%description plugin-gdata
Access to GData (Google services) for Claws Mail.
The only currently implemented feature is inclusion of
Google contacts into the Tab-address completion.

%package plugin-libravatar
Summary: Pligin displays libravatar/gravatar profiles' images
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release

%description plugin-libravatar
This plugin allows showing the profile picture associated to email
addresses provided by You can read
more about what is this at
By default missing profiles in the libravatar site are also searched
in, so it will also show pictures from gravatar

%package plugin-litehtmlviewer
Summary: Viewer plugin for HTML emails, using the litehtml library
Group: Networking/Mail
License: GPLv3+ and BSD-3-Clause
Requires: %name = %version-%release

%description plugin-litehtmlviewer
Viewer plugin for HTML emails, using the litehtml library

%package plugin-mailmbox
Summary: This plugin handles mailboxes in mbox format
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release

%description plugin-mailmbox
This plugin handles mailboxes in mbox format.

%package plugin-managesieve
Summary: This plugin handles managing Sieve filters
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release

%description plugin-managesieve
The Claws Mail ManageSieve plugin provides an interface for managing
Sieve filters. Sieve filters are used for filtering mail on mail
servers, usually with an IMAP account.

This plugin handles managing Sieve filters, editing them, and checking
their syntax.

To learn how to write Sieve filters, see RFC 5228
and the Sieve language extensions

%package plugin-newmail
Summary: This plugin writes a msg header summary to a log file
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release

%description plugin-newmail
This plugin writes a msg header summary to a log file,
(Default: ~/Mail/NewLog), on arrival of new mail *after* sorting.

%package plugin-notification
Summary: Various ways to notify the user of new and unread email
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release

%description plugin-notification
The Notification plugin provides various ways to notify the user of new
and possibly unread mail. Currently, the following modules are

   * A mail banner (stocks ticker-like widget)
   * A popup window
   * A command to be issued on new mail arrival

All modules can be activated or deactivated at compilation time, and are
highly configurable at run time. It is possible to include only selected
folders in any module. In general, the notification is executed after
filtering, so it is possible to exclude spam or other unwanted messages
from notification.

%package plugin-pdfviewer
Summary: This plugin enables the viewing of PDF and PostScript attachments
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release

%description plugin-pdfviewer
The PDF Viewer plugin renders PDF and Postscript attachments in Claws
Mail. It features:

 * Moving between document pages, sequentially and jumping to
   a specific page
 * Zoom, Rotation, Fit Page, Fit Page Width
 * Displaying information about the document such as Author, Date,
   Creator, etc...
 * Displaying the PDF Index, if available, which allows easily surfing
   the document
 * Search text inside the document
 * Manage links to internal and external documents, if available, such
   as jumping to the paragraph or section and also opening an external
   URL or composing a new mail

The Poppler library and GhostScript are required.

%package plugin-perl
Summary: This plugin provides a Perl interface to Claws Mail' filtering mechanism
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release
Requires: perl

%description plugin-perl
This plugin is intended to extend the filtering possibilities of Claws
Mail. It provides a Perl interface to Claws Mail' filtering mechanism,
allowing the use of full Perl power in email filters.

%package plugin-pgpcore
Summary: Core PGP plugin for %name
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release
Obsoletes: %_oldname-plugin-pgpcore < %version
Provides: %_oldname-plugin-pgpcore

%description plugin-pgpcore
This plugin for %name provides core PGP functionality. It is used by
other encryption/signing plugins.

%package plugin-pgpinline
Summary: PGP/Inline plugin for %name
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-pgpcore = %version-%release
Obsoletes: %_oldname-plugin-pgpinline < %version
Provides: %_oldname-plugin-pgpinline

%description plugin-pgpinline
This plugin for %name lets you create and see messages encrypted/signed
with PGP/Inline.

%package plugin-pgpmime
Summary: PGP/MIME plugin for %name
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-pgpcore = %version-%release
Obsoletes: %_oldname-plugin-pgpmime < %version
Provides: %_oldname-plugin-pgpmime

%description plugin-pgpmime
This plugin for %name lets you create and see messages encrypted/signed
with PGP/MIME.

%package plugin-python
Summary: This plugin provides Python integration features
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release
Requires: python

%description plugin-python
This plugin offers Python scripting access to Claws Mail.
Python code can be entered interactively into an embedded Python
console, or stored in scripts.

%package plugin-rssyl
Summary: RSS feed aggregator for Claws Mail
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release

%description plugin-rssyl
he RSSyl plugin is an RSS feed aggregator for Claws Mail. It has the
following features:

   * Handling of RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, and Atom feeds
   * Fetching and threaded display of comment feeds
   * Customisable refresh interval for each feed
   * Customisable number of feed items to keep for each feed

Navigating in your feeds and posts is done in the same way as you would
for emails, which makes feed-reading really fast and enjoyable if Claws
Mail's shortcuts are hardwired into your fingers.
Also, the RSSyl plugin unleashes its full potential when used with an
HTML viewer plugin like Dillo or Gtkhtml2Viewer, as this allows fetching
a post's images and font styles.

%package plugin-smime
Summary: S/MIME plugin for %name
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release
Requires: %name-plugin-pgpcore = %version-%release
Requires:   dirmngr gnupg2-common
Obsoletes: %_oldname-plugin-smime < %version
Provides: %_oldname-plugin-smime

%description plugin-smime
This plugin for %name lets you create and see messages encrypted/signed
with S/MIME.

%package plugin-spamassassin
Summary: SpamAssassin plugin for %name
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release
Requires: spamassassin
Obsoletes: %_oldname-plugin-spamassassin < %version
Provides: %_oldname-plugin-spamassassin

%description plugin-spamassassin
This plugin for %name provides integration with SpamAssassin.

%package plugin-spamreport
Summary: This plugin reports spam to various places
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release

%description plugin-spamreport
This Claws Mail plugin allows you to upload your spams to various spam
reporting places, like or

%package plugin-tnef
Summary: This plugin enables reading application/ms-tnef attachments
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release

%description plugin-tnef
The TNEF Parser plugins handles TNEF attachments from Outlook.
TNEF attachments have a MIME type of "application/ms-tnef" and
are often named "winmail.dat". They can contain multiple files.
This plugin parses this kind of attachment and displays the real files
in the parts list.

%package plugin-vcalendar
Summary: Plugin handles the vCalendar for Claws Mail
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release

%description plugin-vcalendar
This Claws Mail plugin handles the vCalendar format (or rather, the
meeting subset of it). It displays such mails in a nice format, lets you
create and send meetings, and creates a virtual folder with the meetings
you sent or received.

%package tools
Summary: Additional tools for %name
Group: Networking/Mail
Requires: %name = %version-%release

BuildArch: noarch

Obsoletes: %_oldname-tools < %version
Provides: %_oldname-tools

%description tools
additional tools for %name.


subst "s,%%f,%%N," ./src/prefs_quote.c
echo "Libs: -lenchant-2 -lgnutls" >>

# set version

echo 'echo "%version"' >./version

%patch -p1


%add_optflags -fpie
export LDFLAGS=-pie
%configure \
--disable-static \
--disable-rpath \
--with-lib-prefix=%_usr \
--with-manualdir=%_defaultdocdir/%name \
--with-config-dir=.%name \
%{subst_enable manual} \
--disable-jpilot \
%{subst_enable appdata} \
%{subst_enable svg} \
%{subst_enable networkmanager} \
%if_disabled archive
--disable-archive-plugin \
%if_disabled bsfilter
--disable-bsfilter-plugin \
%if_disabled dillo
--disable-dillo-plugin \
%if_disabled fancy
--disable-fancy-plugin \
%if_disabled gdata
--disable-gdata-plugin \
%if_disabled litehtmlviewer
--disable-litehtml_viewer-plugin \
%if_disabled python
--disable-python-plugin \
%if_disabled tnef
--disable-tnef_parse-plugin \
%if_enabled debug
%make -C tools

%make -C tools install

mkdir -p %buildroot%_datadir/%name/
cp -va  tools %buildroot%_datadir/%name/
rm -vf  %buildroot%_datadir/%name/tools/README*
rm -vf  %buildroot%_datadir/%name/tools/Makefile*

mkdir -p %buildroot%_pixmapsdir
install -p -m644 %name.png %buildroot%_pixmapsdir/

# XXX: Make sure the path below is the same as the path above.

%define _claws_plugins_path %_libdir/%name/plugins

%if_enabled litehtmlviewer
# Install litehtml BSD 3-clause license
mkdir -p %buildroot%_defaultdocdir/%name-plugin-litehtmlviewer-%version/litehtml/
install -p -m644 src/plugins/litehtml_viewer/litehtml/LICENSE %buildroot%_defaultdocdir/%name-plugin-litehtmlviewer-%version/litehtml/

%find_lang %name

%files -f %name.lang
%if_enabled appdata
%dir %_libdir/%name
%dir %_claws_plugins_path
%dir %_datadir/%name
%if_enabled manual
%exclude %_defaultdocdir/%name/RELEASE_NOTES

%files devel

%files plugins

%files plugin-acpinotifier
%if_enabled appdata

%files plugin-addresskeeper
%if_enabled appdata

%if_enabled archive
%files plugin-archive
%if_enabled appdata

%files plugin-attachwarner
%if_enabled appdata

%files plugin-attremover
%if_enabled appdata

%files plugin-bogofilter
%if_enabled appdata

%if_enabled bsfilter
%files plugin-bsfilter
%if_enabled appdata

%files plugin-clamd
%if_enabled appdata

%if_enabled dillo
%files plugin-dillo
%if_enabled appdata

%if_enabled fancy
%files plugin-fancy
%if_enabled appdata

%files plugin-fetchinfo
%if_enabled appdata

%if_enabled gdata
%files plugin-gdata
%if_enabled appdata

%files plugin-libravatar
%doc src/plugins/libravatar/README*
%if_enabled appdata

%if_enabled litehtmlviewer
%files plugin-litehtmlviewer
%doc %_defaultdocdir/%name-plugin-litehtmlviewer-%version/

%files plugin-mailmbox
%if_enabled appdata

%files plugin-managesieve
%if_enabled appdata

%files plugin-newmail
%if_enabled appdata

%files plugin-notification
%if_enabled appdata

%files plugin-pdfviewer
%if_enabled appdata

%files plugin-perl
%if_enabled appdata

%files plugin-pgpcore
%if_enabled appdata

%files plugin-pgpinline
%if_enabled appdata

%files plugin-pgpmime
%if_enabled appdata

%if_enabled python
%files plugin-python
%if_enabled appdata

%files plugin-rssyl
%if_enabled appdata

%files plugin-smime
%if_enabled appdata

%files plugin-spamassassin
%doc src/plugins/spamassassin/README* src/plugins/spamassassin/NOTICE
%if_enabled appdata

%files plugin-spamreport
%if_enabled appdata

%if_enabled tnef
%files plugin-tnef
%if_enabled appdata

%files plugin-vcalendar
%if_enabled appdata

%files tools
%doc tools/README*
%exclude %_datadir/%name/tools/update-po
%exclude %_datadir/%name/tools/
%exclude %_datadir/%name/tools/ca-certificates.crt
%exclude %_datadir/%name/tools/

%exclude %_claws_plugins_path/*.la
%exclude %_datadir/doc/%name/RELEASE_NOTES


Todas as alterações você pod ver aqui

projeto & código: Vladimir Lettiev aka crux © 2004-2005, Andrew Avramenko aka liks © 2007-2008
mantenedor atual: Michael Shigorin
mantenedor da tradução: Fernando Martini aka fmartini © 2009